Uttarakhand state, India, is known for adventure activities throughout the world, due to its proximity to the Himalaya ranges, the place is full of hills and mountains and is suitable for trekking, climbing, skiing, camping, and rock climbing. Uttarakhand has numerous Himalayan mountain peaks which attract adventure enthusiasts. State’s tallest Nanda Devi East Peak (7816 Mts), Chaukhamba I Peak (7138 Mts), Chaukhamba II Peak (7070 Mts), Satopanth Peak (7075 Mts), Thalaysagar Peak (6904 Mts), Kedar Dome Peak (6830 Mts), Changabang Peak (6866 Mts), Maiktoli Peaks (6803 Mts), Nanda Kot Peak (6861 Mts), Vasuki Parvat (6792 Mts), Shivling (6543 Mts).

The state boasts Valley of Flowers Hemkund (4633 Mts) National Park and Nanda Devi Base Camp (4800 Mts) National Park in Chamoli District, which together are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vasudhara Falls, near Badrinath is a waterfall with a height of 122 metres (400 ft) set in a backdrop of snow-clad mountains. Roopkund (5029 Mts) is a trekking site, known for the mysterious skeletons found in a lake, which was featured by National Geographic Channel in a documentary. The trek to Roopkund passes through the meadows of Bugyal. In addition to these, state is famous known for Kalandikhal Trek (5947 Mts), Tapovan and Nandanvan Trek, Khatling Glacier Trek, Pindari Glacier Trek, Keda Tal Trek, Dodi Tal Trek, Kedarnath Trek, Vasuki Tal and so many treks.