Rajasthan National Park and Wild life Sanctuary

Rajasthan is one of the most popular wildlife destinations in India. Famous for celebrity tigers, migrant birds, dense flora and other wildlife tourism, Rajasthan is known as a dream destination among wildlife enthusiasts. The state provides shelter to around 500 species of birds, some of which are rare and endangered. About 50 per cent of these species are local and the balance migratory, mostly from Eastern Europe, northern Asia and Africa. It is easy to spot as many as 100 species of birds in just a day in Bharatpur.

Te Sarus is a handsome crane and the tallest bird in the world to fly. The state’s only resident crane, it is commonly found in its eastern and southern parts. Sarus cranes usually live in pairs or small family groups, but congregate in large groups in the summer months before the onslaught of the monsoons. Even popular legend acknowledges that these birds pair for life, the partner pining away on the death of one. They indulge in an elaborate courtship dance and nest in shallow waters using a heap of grass and reeds. Both partners incubate the eggs. Partners sometimes greet each other while exchanging incubation duties at the nest and perform their courtship dance accompanied with trumpeting.