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Mountain Sill Tours promote and highlight the unique advantages for Adventure, Cultural, and Wildlife. Mountain Sill Tours is very keen to tie up with like minded people, who wish to promote the outdoor sport and adventure as per the National standards. Whether clients are looking for an “extreme adventure” or a somewhat milder time outdoors, we intend doing by providing excellent facilities and service to our partner and clients. Mountain Sill is designed the tours for outdoor sports such as Mountaineering & Trekking Expedition, Rock-Climbing, Rafting and Camping, Snow & Water Skiing, Hiking and Educational Tours for Schools & Institution. Great mountain biking and rafting opportunities lie within Himalayan.

Mountain Sill Tours over the years has established itself as one of the India’s most respected Adventure Tours. We organize tours all over India and SAARC Countries with special emphasis on the Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka and also provide logistical support and assistance as guide to those, who wish to avail of our expertise.

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Welcome to Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the jewel of India's crown and land of Kings and Warriors and famous for its Palaces, Forts and beautiful lakes & attractive Sand Dunes." Are reminders of the many kingdoms that historically vied for the region. Rajasthan also famous for its 'Thar Desert (Also known as the "Rajasthan Desert" and "Great Indian Desert") In its capital, Jaipur (known as "Pink City"), are the 18th-century City Palace and Hawa Mahal, a former cloister for royal women, fronted by a 5-story pink-sand stone screen. Amer Fort, atop a nearby hill, was built by a Rajput prince in the early 1600s. Major features include the ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization at Kalibanga; the Dilwara Temples, a Jain pilgrimage site at Rajasthan's only hill station, Mount Abu, in the ancient Aravalli mountain range; and, in eastern Rajasthan, the Keoladeo National Park near Bharatpur, a World Heritage Site known for its bird life. Rajasthan is also home to two national tiger reserves, the Ranthambore National Park in Sawai Madhopur and Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar. The Desert National Park in Jaisalmer is an excellent example of the ecosystem of the Thar Desert and its diverse fauna. Seashells and massive fossilized tree trunks in this park record the geological history of the desert. The region is a haven for migratory and resident birds of the desert. One can see many eagles, harriers, falcons, buzzards, kestrels and vultures. Short-toed eagles, tawny eagles, spotted eagles, lager falcons, and kestrels are the commonest of these.



Spectacularly jagged, arid mountains enfold this magical Buddhist ex-kingdom. Picture-perfect Gompas (Tibetan Buddhist monasteries) dramatically crown rocky outcrops amid whitewashed Stupas and Mani walls. Colourful fluttering prayer flags share their spiritual messages metaphorically with the mountain breeze. Prayer wheels spun clockwise release more merit-making mantras. Gompa interiors are colourfully awash with the murals and statuary of countless bodhisattvas. Though threatened by a rapidly increasing number of visitors, Ladakh has much to teach the West regarding ecological awareness. Most Ladakh is are cash poor yet their traditional Mudbrick homesteads are large and virtually self-sufficient in fuel and dairy products, organic vegetables, and barley used to make Tsampa (roast barley flour) and Chhang (barley beer). The walls of dramatic mountains that hem in Ladakh make for an unforgettable landscape, but be aware that road access requires crossing tortuous high passes, which close from around October to May (or longer when snows are heavy).


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Andaman & Nicobar Tourism

A group of about 600 islands in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are known for their scenic beaches, dense forests and adventurous water sports. Located in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an archipelago consisting of about 600 islands out of which only around 36 islands are inhabited. The archipelago is divided into two groups of islands - the Andaman Islands and the Nicobar Islands. Of these, only 9 islands in the Andaman Islands group are open for tourists. In earlier times, the islands were referred to as Kalapani for their notorious penal settlement. Pristine beaches, gorgeous corals, fascinating marine life, adventurous water sports and the remain of Stone Age culture draw multitudes of tourists to these islands every year. These islands are covered with lush forests and endless varieties of exotic flora and fauna. Incredible corals and marine life, crystal clear water and mangrove-lined creeks lure travellers to these picturesque islands. While the sandy beaches form as nesting homes to turtles, animals such as spotted deer, wild boar, gecko, crab-eating macaque and python can be spotted in the 86% area still covered by dense forests.

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The region has been a prominent spice exporter since 3000 BCE. The Chera Dynasty was the first prominent kingdom based in Kerala. Kerala, a state on India's tropical Malabar Coast, has nearly 600km of Arabian Sea shoreline. It's known for its palm-lined beaches and backwaters, a network of canals. Inland are the Western Ghats, mountains whose slopes support tea, coffee and spice plantations, as well as wildlife. National parks like Eravikulam and Periyar, plus Wayanad and other sanctuaries, are home to elephants, langur monkeys, and tigers. The production of pepper and natural rubber contributes significantly to the total national output. In the agricultural sector, coconut, tea, coffee, cashew, and spices are important. Kerala is one of the prominent tourist destinations of India, with backwaters, beaches, Ayurvedic tourism, and tropical greenery as its major attractions.

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