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Bird Watching Tours Bird watching is a healthy, eco-friendly hobby that can give you lifetime of pleasure and fascination. Bird watching requires patience, practice and a keen interest in birds. It is an enjoyable and challenging outdoor pastime that can interest people of all ages.

Birding is an educative, exciting and a rewarding hobby. Bird watching requires no formal training. To be a successful birdwatcher simply the keen interest in observing the bird world can take you a long way. Most of the birds are creatures of habit. Some even follow a fixed arrival and departure time. But, to really understand the birds you need to understand the habitat they are found in. The edges of fields, streams, rivers and forest are all excellent places to see birds. The more habitats you go to the more variety of birds you will find. The best time for bird-watching is early morning and early afternoon.

The sport of bird watching is also considered to be a great stress buster. Spending time in solitude amidst nature rich environment and watching excitingly colourful species of birds is really a fantastic experience. In Himalaya, you will be able to view birds in their natural habitat.

So, are you ready to explore as many as hundreds of bird species? Bird watching can be enjoyed by all, regardless of age. If you have a love for all things natural and appreciation for nature's creations, bird watching is your sport. You can enjoy the sport with your family and friends. Just make sure you are accompanied by a local bird watching expert or local travel guide who can educate you about the bird species of the region.

Himachal, Uttarakhand, Leh, Laddakh are prominent destinations to view Himalayan Birds.


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